Jace Beleren Deck

Thoughts of the Wind

Jace Beleren's Blue Deck

To embrace the creation of Jace Beleren is to embrace the ideals he holds most dear: knowledge and curiosity, deception and illusion, mental acuity and manipulation. Like other preeminent blue mages, the reach of Jace’s touch extends to time, thought, memory, and the very fabric of the Multiverse itself.

The Thoughts of the Wind deck includes an elusive group of allies. Many of your creatures have flying, allowing them to attack untouched by creatures saddled by gravity, and Phantom Warriors simply can’t be blocked at all! Of course, a mentalist such as yourself could just turn your opponent’s best threat against him, using your power of Persuasion.

What really sets this deck apart are its twin defensive strategies of countermagic and advantageously returning permanents to their owner’s hand. The threats you’ll face are as varied as the planes themselves, but one simple spell stops them all – Cancel. And if danger does slip by when your guard is down, simply use Boomerang to return it to where it came, often just to Cancel it when your foe tries it again!

Defeating opposing Planeswalkers is all well and good, but the cards you unlock, the new knowledge you acquire, is your ultimate reward. You’ll discover new ways to deny the weak-minded, fumbling attempts of your enemies. You’ll also secure the loyalty of Mahamoti Djinn, a renowned force throughout the Multiverse. Most importantly, you’ll earn the opportunity to expand, control, and learn.


  • Counter-spells - and lots of them.
  • Abilities for keeping your hand full (drawing more cards).
  • Flight-heavy creature roster.
  • The most powerful creature in any of the decks.
  • Persuasion


  • Generally pricey creatures for their strength/toughness.
  • Not many creatures with helpful abilities.
  • Requires a lot of patience to be effective.
  • No cards for boosting creature stats.


Unlockable Cards

Expansion Pack 1

Expansion Pack 2

Expansion Pack 3


Multiverse: Magic: The Gathering [1]

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