Sarkhan Vol

Scales of FuryEdit

Sarkhan Vol's Green,Red and Black Deck

On the savage shard of Jund, civilization has given way to the predatory instincts of its inhabitants. Seated mightily at the top of this food chain are the majestic dragons. Revered by the shamanistic Planeswalker Sarkhan Vol, dragons represent the ultimate expression of power and supremacy. Use the Scales of Fury deck to ferociously decimate all who would doubt them.

This deck is a violent assault on almost all fronts. Efficient creatures lead the charge, backed up by an array of destructive spells like Terror and Incinerate. Blightning lowers both your opponent’s life total and his ability to fight back, as his hand is eaten away. Don’t be afraid to lose some of your creatures, as long as they take an opposing creature with them! There’s always a Gravedigger willing to throw fallen forces back into the fray.

If your early assault isn’t enough to secure victory, you can issue a Violent Ultimatum! This demoralizing sorcery eliminates your three largest threats in one fell swoop. Or perhaps three lands to cripple your opponent. Or perhaps a troublesome artifact or enchantment. Your options are numerous, but all lead to victory.

As you convince your fellow Planeswalkers of the dragons’ dominance, some of mightiest dragons around will be convinced of yours. Take to the skies with formidable Flameblast Dragon, the dual threats of the Broodmate Dragon, and the incredible Hellkite Overlord.


  • Efficient Creatures
  • Instant Damage
  • Fliers



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