Rhys the Redeemed


Before playing a key role in the restoration of the balance between light and dark on Lorwyn, Rhys was a famed hunter and packmaster. His mastery of the lands and creatures that surround him can be seen in the "Heart of Worlds" deck. Learn its secrets and it will take its rightful place amongst your deadliest combinations.

The creatures in your deck are closely tied to the land. Many have landfall, an ability that provides a bonus whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control. This bonus is often size, such as the +2/+2 boost found on Territorial Baloth. You'll also find other bonuses, like 2 life from Grazing Gladehart or 1/1 Bird creature tokens from Emeria Angel.

With so many advantages to be had when a land enters the battlefield, it's only natural that your deck have several ways to make sure that happens consistently, and sometimes more than once a turn! Play Evolving Wilds and your landfall abilities will trigger once. Activate its ability immediately, searching out a basic land from your library, and those landfall abilities will trigger again. Cast a spell like Harrow or Kor Cartographer, and enjoy even more landfall bonuses. It doesn't take much for your army to grow to gargantuan size and number, crushing your opposition.

Success against others will unlock cards that expand your mastery of land. Frontier Guide allows you to repeatedly search your library for basic lands and put them onto the battlefield. Not only does this provide a constant stream of landfall triggers, it gives you access to incredible amounts of mana. It also improves the quality of the cards you draw, which are now less likely to be lands. Baloth Woodcrasher, at 4/4 a sizeable Beast to begin with, can end the duel quickly and violently with a land or two.

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