Liliana Vess Deck

Eyes of Shadow

Liliana Vess's Black Deck

The Eyes of Shadow peer deep into your opponent’s soul, decaying not only his forces but his very will to fight. This deck is a malevolent expression of black magic, necromantic sorcery combined with mind-erasing discard spells.

Liliana’s sinister creation seeks to destroy not only the body but the mind through a punishing suite of discard effects. Use The Rack and Megrim to make sure your opponent’s depleted hand tears at his life total as well. Whatever threats manage to survive your mental assault should be easily dispatched with spells like Terror and Consume Spirit. When toying with your meek opposition proves tiresome, finish them off with a deadly Nightmare.

The Eyes of Shadow deck uses creatures that take advantage of three powerful abilities. Flying makes your creatures more difficult to block, rendering larger foes helpless as your forces pass by overhead. Fear, a long-time staple of black’s arsenal, also makes your creatures difficult to block by infusing them with black magic so potent that only other black creatures or soulless artifact creatures dare stand in their way. Finally, manipulate death itself with the regenerating Drudge Skeletons. For a single black mana, you can prevent these stalwart minions from being destroyed. Remember to activate the regeneration ability before combat damage, and the Drudge Skeletons will turn away attack after attack, while you prepare deadlier strategies for your enemy.

As you progress through victim after victim, your mastery of death will attract new followers like Mortivore and the Royal Assassin. You will also unlock annihilation in the form of the overwhelming Plague Wind. Other Planeswalkers despair, for you have arrived.


  • Incredibly versatile and well-rounded.
  • Many ways to disrupt your opponent with cards that force your opponent to discard.
  • Many direct-damage cards/effects.
  • Cards result in instant creature destruction.
  • Good variety of weak/strong creatures.
  • Creatures have good abilities.


  • No real counters for non-creature cards.
  • Some of the better creatures are a little pricey.


Starting Deck:

Unlockable Cards

Expansion Pack 1

Expansion Pack 2

Expansion Pack 3


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