Ajani Goldmane Deck

Claws of Vengeance

Ajani Goldmane's Green,Red and White Deck

The Claws of Vengeance deck features lethal combinations only possible when you manipulate multiple colors of mana. Any apprentice mage can master a single school of magic, but the truly great embrace the power of diversity. Are you ready?

With a multicolor deck, the mulligan becomes a much more important decision. Not only should you pay attention to the number of lands in your starting seven, you should make sure you have access to at least two of your deck’s three colors. Of course, all three would be even better, especially when paired up with one of the most devastating creatures to prowl the Multiverse in a long, long time: the Woolly Thoctar. There are larger creatures out there, but few hit as hard or as fast as the tusked terror from the jungles of Naya.

The Claws of Vengeance deck also features some of the best spells each of its colors has to offer. Control opposing threats with Pacifism or simply eliminate them with a timely Incinerate. When the way is clear, unleash the Sangrite Surge! This exciting sorcery not only enlarges the target, but grants it double strike for that turn. One of the most powerful abilities around, double strike allows creatures to deal their combat damage twice! Remember if the attacking creature is blocked, even if the blocking creature is destroyed the first time damage is dealt, the attacking creature won’t get to deal its second round of combat damage to your opponent, so timing with Sangrite Surge is everything.

As you claim victory and vengeance against other Planeswalkers, you’ll gain access to even more lethal weapons. Impressed by your prowess, the legendary Brion Stoutarm stands ready to assist your forces… mostly by hurling them at your opponents!


  • A couple of surprisingly cheap creatures.
  • Some cool abilities and spells.
  • Potential for some ridiculous card combos.
  • Some direct damage.
  • Some ways to deal with both creature and non-creature spells.


  • Relies heavily on getting the right color mana.
  • No fliers.
  • Not a ton of tough creatures.


Unlockable Cards

Expansion Pack 1

Expansion Pack 2

Expansion Pack 3


Multiverse: Magic: The Gathering [1]

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