Ajani Goldmane


Ajani Goldmane is a planeswalker who wields green, white and red magic. His new focus is magic of vengeance: spells that punish wrongdoers and lay waste to his enemies.

Ajani’s rage has been unleashed. Tempted to shed the pretense of principle and justice, Ajani now thrashes his way through secret after secret in pursuit of the identity of his brother’s killer. His pride, bereft of their leader and shocked by the violence surrounding Jazal’s death, has been scattered all over Naya.

Ajani’s abilities as a planeswalker blossomed during a trip to Jund, during which he encountered the shaman and dragon worshiper Sarkhan Vol. Sarkhan helped Ajani turn his sense of vengeance into a fiery new power, unlocking a torrent of red magic in a volcanic ritual.

Ajani now returns to a Naya that seems alien to him. His family rejects him utterly and the mystery of Jazal’s murderer still eludes him, but even darker threats will soon make themselves known.

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